32 inch Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 1.4 ATA with Air Conditioning

Our 32-inch Oxygen Chamber known as OxyAir 32 is feature-rich and has all the built-in safety features one could ask for. Featuring medical-grade components, NASA technology integrated, inside and outside pressure gauges, and an emergency pressure release button. One person can fit inside our 32-inch Hyperbaric Chamber. Our Hyperbaric Chambers all include a sturdy interior frame that keeps the unit supported when not inflated. This prevents the bag from falling on you while waiting for the inflation of the unit.

We provide a 10 LPM oxygen concentrator that provides 95% to 97% oxygen purity with our units while our competitors only provide a 5 LPM oxygen concentrator as a standard configuration. We want you to have a quality system that you will be happy with for many years to come.

Our system is designed to reduce carbon dioxide buildup providing a more effective treatment compared to our competitor’s systems.


Our OxyAir 32-inch Chamber is one of our most popular lying-style tubular portable hyperbaric chambers as it is our lowest-cost chamber but with medical-grade components and innovative technology integrated. This chamber at 1.3 ATA has 7 windows and unsurpassed set of features and quality integrated with a highly professional look and feel.  Our highly durable chamber system is certified Phthalate free (No Off-gassing) and can be operated without the assistance of a second person as it provides ease of entrance and exit without the use of obtrusive straps. This Hyperbaric chamber offers an upgraded Devilbiss FDA Approved 10 LPM oxygen generator (In Stock) producing 95% to 96% oxygen purity for the most effective treatments and able to deliver compressed oxygen at 1.3 ATA / 32 KPA.

We also offer a 1.4 ATA / 42 KPA chamber as an optional upgrade. The 42 KPA chamber provides a 33% increase in pressure allowing for a shorter treatment time and more beneficial treatment as oxygen becomes denser at higher pressure. Our system offers a dehumidifier / Air Cooler at no additional cost to make your sessions more comfortable and may decrease the air temp about 4 degrees. This is not to be confused with our Air conditioning system which can substantially keep your chamber cool.

Would you purchase a car built in 2001 when you could have a 2023 model in a similar price range? That is a perfect analogy of our Hyperbaric Chamber systems to all of our competitors systems.

Let's talk about air conditioning systems and why other manufacturer's AC systems don't work. Many of our competitor air conditioning systems don't work because they are single-action cooling systems and only attempt to cool high-volume airflow into the hyperbaric chamber from the compressor. These types of approaches only provide minimal cooling action and alone are almost useless.  Our systems can also be ordered as AC-READY which will prep our system to accept our dual action air conditioning system.

Note: Our competitors do not provide any options for cooling or humidity. Our air conditioning system works twofold. First, it cools the air coming from the compressor. Secondly, it provides a water-cooled system that circulates through the internal chamber that provides a substantial cooling effect that is unique at this price point. Imagine yourself being at the beach surrounded by the energy of negative ions. That is how you will feel in our hyperbaric chamber with our integrated negative ion generator.

Our hyperbaric chambers are among the safest in the industry as they have been built with safety in mind and offer an emergency pressure relief button, interior, and exterior pressure gauges, dual redundant pressure regulators to maintain consistent circulatory airflow within the chamber during treatments, a power outage alarm system, a grounding system to remove any possible static electricity, an attendant notification system, certified safe medical-grade / food-grade materials and continuous long term pressure testing and substantially higher pressures. Our chambers are made from certified materials developed, utilized, and trusted by NASA.  No other hyperbaric chamber manufacturer in the marketplace is offering all of these safety features in a hyperbaric soft chamber.

Our chamber fabric is comprised of a 44 oz triple-layered design of a durable PET polyester embodied TPU material sourced from Germany. PET material, commonly known as polyester resin, is the most important variety in thermoplastic polyester. Its physical properties are milky white or light yellow highly crystalline polymer, with a smooth and shiny surface. Creep resistance, fatigue resistance, and abrasion resistance, low abrasion and high hardness, with the greatest toughness among thermoplastics. TPU is a thermoplastic elastomer that is a blend of rubber and plastic. Our Certified Food grade TPU material is tough, flexible, durable, and resistant to abrasions like oils and lubricants.

Our 3-Year warranty is sure to be appreciated by our customers as we provide 7/7 world-class support to our customers all over the world.

We have also integrated our new negative ionizer system which is an optional feature to utilize and allows for the compression of negative ions into the body This system is said to mimic the ionic environment of being at the beach.

Our advanced hyperbaric oxygen systems offer premium features that our competitors do not offer at competitive pricing. Lookout OxyHealth! Compare this chamber to the Vitaeris 320 and you will find that our chamber has more features, better quality at a lower price point.  With a standard dehumidifier to increase comfort and a 10 LPM Oxygen concentrator as a standard feature. Our research and design team is working to provide you with the most cutting-edge features for your therapy. Our chamber utilizes proprietary easy-connect technology for simple and efficient installation with no tools required. This similar technology is integrated into our internal frame for ease of assembly.

We believe no other Hyperbaric chamber manufacturer can claim they have a more rigid test plan than ours. Our test systems have been running for over 7 years continuously at over 3 times the pressure which is over 43,000 hours of Chamber testing with no faults. Once you feel the thickness and ruggedness of our materials, you will be amazed at the value you have received. The Hyperbaric Chamber reservoir bag is rated to last a whopping 39 years if used 1 hour per day and 5 days per week. Our manufacturing has been certified as ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 compliant.

ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for a quality management system.
ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system.
ISO 13485 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

With Internal and External Pressure Gauges to keep the user informed of the current pressurization level and again a feature that some of our competitors at 3 times the price do not provide. One should always have the ability to safely view what pressure the chamber is operating at to avoid any possible early exit of the chamber and subsequent chamber damage.

Our units are made to last 25 to 30 years and can be used continuously with durable heat-welded seams, medical-grade materials, and a proprietary 2-zipper system with a center flap that makes our Hyperbaric chamber unit stand above our competition.

Many of our customers comment on how happy they are to have chosen our hyperbaric chamber and are just so grateful we can provide such high quality at an affordable price. Be careful when choosing a hyperbaric chamber system. When considering this type of purchase for your health, you want to choose a product from a company that will provide you with the best quality and service in addition to a product that will provide effective treatments for years to come.

All of our chambers are ready to ship without delay.

Call our hotline for any questions! 630-634-7500 to speak to one of our Hyperbaric Chamber specialists and learn more about our superior hyperbaric chamber systems. Also, ask us about our  NEW 1.4 ATA 32 inch Chamber.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Features:
Three-Year Warranty is upgradable to Five years and Lifetime World Class service and support 7/9. 
Delivers 95%+ Oxygen under pressure via a face mask or nasal cannula
32-inch diameter provided plenty of room for comfort and to be able to move around.
Designed to support 1 individual.
Features Triple and Penta welded seams to support the longevity of the chamber bladder and be assured that no toxic glues are required nor utilized.
7 strategically placed transparent viewport windows allow for ambient light and monitoring from multiple viewpoints.
Can easily be operated alone, without assistance.
Our unique system prevents carbon dioxide build-up by exhausting the carbon dioxide through the pressure relief valves.
Our Compressor features a 5 stage filtration system and our Oxygen generator filtrates pollutants down to the micron level.
Features a YKK maintenance-free 2-zipper system with a center flap providing a seal with leak protection and reduces the load on the zipper.
The unique design of pressure relief valves can be operated internally and externally to allow for depressurization from inside or outside the chamber.
Includes an emergency valve on the chamber to speed the depressurization in case of an emergency.
Delivers safe and effective Oxygen sessions at 1.3 ATA and 4.3 PSI.
An internal pressure gauge is equipped so the user can observe the pressure while inside the chamber. The unit has both internal and external pressure gauges.
Features a simple quick-connect system with an internal steel frame that allows entry into the unit without the unit collapsing on top of you and holds the shape when the unit is not in use.  
Included dehumidifier to make your experience much more comfortable. This unit also provides a slight cooling action in case the air from the compressor should become warm. This is a premium feature offered at no additional cost.
Our materials are extensively tested and certified non-toxic medical grade extra strength triple layered 44 oz. TPU embodied with a PET polyester material sourced in Germany (used for years by NASA in space suits). All Non-Toxic Phytalate Free.
External pressure cover provides additional bladder support.
Provides Double Deck Windows for additional strength with triple heat welds to ensure longevity. No straps are required on our system due to the incredible strength of our triple welded seams.
Provides the best quality and features in this price range and rivals many units at over double the price with a professional look and feel.
Includes video setup training, Quick Tips guides for usage, and Customer support for any questions during acquaintance with the unit in addition to ongoing support.
Negative ION UNIT to enhance treatment. This incredible new option allows customers to receive pure oxygen-containing negative ions at high pressure. A new feature and as a standard inclusion.
6 month no interest financing available 
 (Contact us for more info)
Fast Shipping to your door.
Professional Installation available in most areas
Best pricing in the marketplace. Compare this chamber to Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 at over $23,000.
NEW - Optional Air Conditioning system can be ordered that would ensure a cool experience well beyond the capabilities of the air dehumidifier system.
We sell internationally and can provide our systems to your international voltage and plug type requirements.
This chamber is available at 1.3 ATA or 32 KPA and can optionally be upgraded to 1.4  ATA or 42 KPA. 
4 Ports are provided at the head of the chamber allowing for future upgrades.
7/7 Lifetime Support on All Hyperbaric Chambers
Optionally add our Hyperbaric Chamber Grounding system to remove any possible static electricity from the chamber and customers inside the chamber. (Click Here). We have developed this feature for those customers who are concerned about environments that may be conducive to static buildup, we are the only manufacturer to offer this feature in a soft-shell Hyperbaric Chamber.


Superior Quality is our primary concern with certifications and long term testing:
Our test systems have been running for over 5 years continuously at a much higher pressure which is over 43,000 hours with no faults. In fact, some of our units have been tested at 1.8 ATA without issue. None of our competitors have performed this rigorous testing. Once you feel the thickness and ruggedness of our materials, you will be amazed at the value you have received. The Hyperbaric Chamber reservoir is rated to last a whopping 39 years if used 1 hour per day and 5 days per week. In fact, our systems have been tested up to a maximum pressure of 1.8 ATA to provide you with the durability you should expect from a hyperbaric chamber. Our manufacturing has been certified as ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 compliant. 

Our clients include Doctors, Health practitioners, and professional athletes who run our systems continuously and daily and these clients typically affiliate with us, recommending our chambers to their clients.  Our chambers are also used by reputable Universities Like Stanford University. 

We have had some customers tell us stories of purchasing chambers from our competitors only to find they had leakage after a few years. Our triple welded and Penta welded seams along with our rigid test multi-year testing will give you peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing the best in both quality and features to hold the test of time. We have thousands of satisfied system owners all over the globe internationally enjoying the benefits of our hyperbaric chamber systems.

Watch our video on the comparison of this chamber to the OxyHealth Vitaeris 320

We have two different options for Financing. 

1) Apply for 6-month financing contact us for details.

2) Apply for Business Financing through our Speedy Approval Finance company at the following address, Our Super low pricing won't last forever so take advantage of this opportunity today! Apply Now


Chamber 30 lbs N/A Length: 89 Inches
Diameter: 32 Inches
★ 1.3 ATA | 4.3 PSI | 32 KPA ★ High strength double-sided 44 oz medical grade TPU coated PET polyester material source from Germany. ★ Non-toxic/ECO-Friendly ★ Portable/Foldable ★ Safe/One-person operation ★ Warranty 3 Years
Oxygen Concentrator

(See Spec Sheet)

(Click to View the Devilbiss 10 Service Manual)

42 lbs 640 Watt 13" L x 12" W x 24.5" H
★ FDA Approved ★ PSA molecular sieve high technology. ★ Non-Toxic and ECO-Friendly. ★ 18 to 20 PSIG @ 95% Purity. ★ Continuous flow oxygen production, no oxygen tank required. ★ 630 Watt (10 Amps) Heavy-duty motor.
Compressor 40 lbs 520 Watt 15" L x 9.5" W x 10.2" H
★ Muffler integrated to reduce noise < 55 db ★ Oil-free ★ Non-toxic/ECO-Friendly ★ Quiets ★ Super adsorption activated filters ★ Double inlet and outlet filters.
Dehumidifier 11 lbs 300 Watt
★ Reduces humidity level to keep you comfortable.
Total system Weight 123 lbs
Total system Watts 1460 Watt
All Equipment Voltage 110v-120v ( 220V available upon request)
Certificates CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485
Optional Upgrade
Pressure 1.4 ATA      
★ 1.4 ATA | 5.8 PSI | 42 KPA
AC Unit 67 lbs 550 Watt 13"W x 16"L x 22"H
★ Temp. Range(℃): -5~30 (Water)
Portable Frame With Travel Bag 3 lbs
★ Designed for those on the road with their chambers
Grounding Wire 0.023 lbs



Providing stable oxygen purity at 10 LPM with 95% purity after 5 minutes.

Provides a hefty 640 Watt Motor for long-lasting durability!

Drivedevilbiss 10 lpm Concentrator


Adjustable pressure control system Oil-free low noise design with muffler provides high volume Air Flow at 72 LPM. Provides activated carbon two-way filtering technology. Effectively Purifies air and all dust contaminants. New Quiet Air Compressor


Dehumidifier provided as a standard option also saves over $700 in cost. Air Dehumidifier


2 layer YKK zippers with center flap for an anti-leak design. Our zipper system provides double protection and reduces stress on the zipper system to provide many years of usage. Additionally, the outer cover zips up for additional chamber support to support the longevity of our system. We use the industry’s first “highly sealed triple reinforced fasteners.” reliable proprietary 2 zipper system


Internal and External high-precision pressure gauges, allowing you to view pressure changes at any time. Allows for accurate observation of pressure inside and outside the chamber. Internal and External Pressure Gage


Patented design emergency relief valve, in case of emergency, the user can press the release button from interior to depressurize the chamber quickly, then open the zippers to exit the chamber quickly. Emergency Pressure Relief Valve


Our New Air Conditioner is a two-part system with a condenser on the inside of the chamber and the cooling unit on the outside of the Chamber. This system provides all the comfort you will need during your sessions or during extended usage of the system.


We have the option to order an Air Conditioning system. We are the only hyperbaric manufacturer to offer an air conditioning system for use with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Systems. Call for details.


Chamber Capsule 32 inch Diameter with 7 strategically placed windows.
Oil-Free Quiet Air Compressor
Drive Medical Devilbiss 10 LPM FDA approved oxygen generator 20 PSIG
Internal Metal Frame with Quick Connects for a professional look. ( Portable frame also available upon request.)
Negative Ion Generator unit.
A muffler designed to reduce noise in the chamber.
2 Oxygen Masks, 2 Headsets, and 2 Nasal Cannulas included to breathe oxygen directly.
Communications System.
LED Interior Lighting System.
Finger Pulse Oximeter to measure blood oxygen saturation


Portable, Simple to Install, Easy to Use
Portable, Simple to Install, Easy to Use
Durable Internal Frame for Greater Chamber Structure Support
Durable Internal Frame for Greater Chamber Structure Support
Environment-Friendly Materials, NON-Glue, NON-Toxic
Environment-Friendly Materials, NON-Glue, NON-Toxic
Memory Foam Mattress Made for Greater Comfort
Memory Foam Mattress Made for Greater Comfort
Quality Dual Zipper System (YKK) for Durability and Strength
Quality Dual Zipper System (YKK) for Durability and Strength
Internal/External Dual Pressure Display Allowing Pressure Reading Anytime from Inside and Outside
Internal/External Dual Pressure Display Allowing Pressure Reading Anytime from Inside and Outside
Five Carbon Filters Designed to Remove Fine Contaminants and Provide Clean Air
Five Carbon Filters Designed to Remove Fine Contaminants and Provide Clean Air
Internally/Externally Operable Pressure Release Valve for Self-Sustaining Operation
Internally/Externally Operable Pressure Release Valve for Self-Sustaining Operation
Quiet High-Volume Air Compressor Designed to Expel CO2
Quiet High-Volume Air Compressor Designed to Expel CO2
Dual-Action Air Conditioner for Internal Cooling/Removal of Humidity
Dual-Action Air Conditioner for Internal Cooling/Removal of Humidity
Included Ionization Technology to Elevate Negative Ions Inside Chamber
Included Ionization Technology to Elevate Negative Ions Inside Chamber
Multiple Spare Ports For Future Expansion
Multiple Spare Ports For Future Expansion
Redundant Pressure Regulating Valves for Added Safety
Redundant Pressure Regulating Valves for Added Safety
Super High Pressure 20 PSI, 10 LPM Oxygen Concentrator with 95% Purity
Super High Pressure 20 PSI, 10 LPM Oxygen Concentrator with 95% Purity
Operational Videos and Training
Operational Videos and Training
Available Higher Pressure Models for Greater Compression of Oxygen Molecules
Higher pressure models available. Higher pressure translates to greater compression of oxygen molecules
Available Models with Advanced Door Design for Easy Entry/Exit for Mobility-Challenged Users
Available Models with Advanced Door Design for Easy Entry/Exit for Mobility-Challenged Users
O2 Concentrator at NO Extra Charge
O2 Concentrator at NO Extra Charge
Default Dehudifier at NO Extra Charge Included with Chamber Without A/C
Default Dehudifier at NO Extra Charge Included with Chamber Without A/C
Midwest-Based US Company with all US-Based Customer/Technical Support
Midwest-Based US Company with all US-Based Customer/Technical Support


How do oxygen molecules get 400% deeper into your tissues as they do with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

They actually shrink under this pressure and can squeeze through constricted blood vessels, inflamed tissue, cross the blood-brain barrier, enter lymph nodes, cerebrospinal fluid, and musculoskeletal system. Essentially, oxygen is delivered into all of our tissues, including areas where circulation is diminished, which is an extremely important component as oxygen is essential for the function and maintenance of every cell in our body, regardless of whether it's an organ, muscle, or bone.

This is analogous to what you see in a can of soda as the CO2 particles are under pressure, and therefore decrease their sizes enough that they dissolve into the liquid. When you pop the can open, the pressure is released, the CO2 particles increase in size and you see the fizz. This is exactly what happens to your oxygen molecules as they decrease in size under pressure and dissolve into the blood plasma. This exponentially increases oxygen delivery through the body and makes it possible for oxygen to enter inflamed tissue or tissue that is starving for oxygen (hypoxic) to support optimal cellular activity. 

Oxygen is the final electron acceptor in the Electron Transport Chain, which is where all of the ATP is produced. This is known as aerobic respiration, or how our cells breathe. Oxygen is essential to life, but it is how it affects the function of every cell in the human body that makes it necessary for life. Without oxygen, we can't make energy for our brain, organs, or any tissue. The more oxygen we can deliver to our tissues, the healthier, energetic and mentally well we feel. It has a very high affinity for electrons (high electronegativity), making it a good electron acceptor and perfect in its role. In summary, Oxygen allows us to make ATP, which is the energy currency of our body, thereby required by all cellular processes to function and to support normal bodily and brain function, including organs, bones, joints, muscle, etc.


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